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About Us

Spur Name Tapes is a military name tape company.  We provide for all branches of the service and we are located near Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.   For almost 50 years we have been in business serving the military.  Starting out as a laundry and cleaners, we have kept our incorporated name of Spur Laundry and Cleaners, Inc.   However, for the past 20 years we have been producing embroidered, military name tapes.  

We understand the meaning of hard work and perseverance.  Starting out with one machine and few orders and growing to a larger, modern embroidery department.  In light of success, we have never lost site of what has gotten us there and that is the individual service men and women.  We have always tried to serve our customers with low prices and fast service.  We specialize in same day shipping and it doesn't matter if you're a Cadet or a General.  Your order is always important to us!

We are constantly trying to improve our operations and service as our work is never done.  If we can provide better name tapes with a little extra effort, then we feel that it is worth it.  The bottom line is that we want to be your name tape provider!

If you have any questions or issues, please contact us and we will be glad to help.  




Mailing Address:

Spur Name Tapes

P.O. Box 4242

Waynesville,  MO  65583





Shipping Address:

Spur Name Tapes

305 North Street

Waynesville,  MO  65583















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