Enabling Cookies in Internet Explorer

1.From Internet Explorer, select Tools, Options,
and click on the Security tab. 
2.Click on the Internet zone, then click on
Custom Level. 
3.Scroll down to Cookies and click within the
Enable radio buttons beneath Allow cookies
that are stored on your computer and Allow
per-session cookies (not stored). 
4.Click on OK. When asked if you really want to
change security levels, choose Yes. Click on
OK again to return to Internet Explorer. 

Newer versions may be slightly different.

Enabling Cookies in Internet
Explorer 4.x for Macintos

1.From Internet Explorer, select Preferences
from the Edit menu. 
2.Click on the option Receiving files, and click
on Cookies. 
3.On the right side of the window, next to When
receiving cookies:, make sure that either
Never ask, Ask for each site, or Ask for each
cookie is selected. 
4.Click on OK.

Enabling Cookies in Netscape

1.From Netscape, select Edit, then choose
2.Select Advanced from the menu on the left
side of the Preferences window. 
3.On the right side of the window, click within
either the Accept all cookies radio button or
the Accept only cookies that get sent back
to the originating server. 
4.Click on OK to return to Netscape. 

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