1.  When you see the Secured Online Ordering image, this indicates that the product is in our online catalog. 

2.  Once you find an item that you want, type in the appropriate information and click the ADD TO CART button. 

3.  This takes you to the "Secured Screen," (your browser may or may not prompt you to allow passage.)   Next you will see the Shopping Cart page.  Fill in the quantity wanted.  If you type in something wrong, don't panic, use the on-screen HELP to correct the problem.  VERY IMPORTANT:  If you are adding your last item, Always click UPDATE before clicking CHECK OUT.

4.  Next you can either continue shopping (click the SHOP FOR MORE button) or check out, (click the CHECK OUT button) to go to the address information screen.  NOTE:  If you continue shopping and don't see any additional items that you need and want to get back to the shopping cart to check out, simply use the VIEW  CART .   From there, you can view what is in your cart and check out.

5.  Once in the Check Out, simply fill out all the information and press the ENTER SECURE DATA button.  NOTE:  Please put your correct e-mail address, as this is needed for the confirmation e-mail.

6.  The next screen that will appear is the "Invoice Screen."  This is for your records, print it to have a copy of the receipt.   

7.  Next, click the PROCESS ORDER button.

8.  You're FINISHED! 

 The next screen you will see is the Thank You! screen.  This means the order was successfully entered and Thank you for shopping with us!







If you have any questions, please e-mail us.   Our wish is for you to have an enjoyable online shopping experience.


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